About Us

Who we are?

We're a group of young, visionary digital artists that excel in different mediums of digital art forms. Our team consists of talented photographers, graphic designers, editors, and printing experts, all of which come together to make Mounted Ink work.


What we do?

What we do is simple. There are two major categories of artwork available in the market. Cheap & generic, or expensive & exclusive. Mounted Ink is the bridge between the two. We take the exclusivity in design, and provide it at a less expensive price point. 

Make no mistake, that does not mean we cheap out on quality. We use very high quality materials for printing and we do it with the same level of craftsmanship you find in museum prints. 

So how do we keep the cost low? We function as a print-to-order company, this means we don't have a massive warehouse, a huge team, or high overhead costs. Instead we only focus on the core principles...

  • Paying the artists fairly
  • Quality materials
  • Developing art that people LOVE


How we design art?

There's a few things artwork should do when it's being sold to a consumer, and it is those very things that are the centrepiece of our design philosophy. 

  • Is the art unique, and eye-catching? Because not all unique art is eye-catching. 
  • Does it elevate your space instead of just filling up the wall? 
  • Does the artwork relate to a deep-rooted heritage, culture or feeling? Because art without these elements is nothing. 

You probably won't ever find our art in the Louvre, but that's okay because we aren't competing with Da Vinci or Michelangelo. We just want to make cool designs that mean something, and that people like.