The Importance of Art in your Space

The Importance of Art in your Space

Empty walls suck. That fact is evident and is one that majority of people agree with.

But have you ever wondered about the deeper meaning behind why they suck?

Almost everybody, from children to seniors, love putting up something on the wall, whether it's a page full of scribbles or a luxury antique painting. Some even put up personal pictures, old license plates, and all other sorts of personal knick knacks. Regardless of what it is, an empty wall will somehow get personalized.

Whether you realize it or not, the space you spend time in, whether it's at home or at the office or studio, is one of the most important aspects of your life. It's a daily reflection of who you are as a person, and is a slight peak inside the quality of your thoughts. It dictates what you prioritize, what you are inspired by, what you define yourself by, and the list goes on. 

So when your space holds this much value, it must have a pretty significant effect on you. This is the exact reason why every successful person first tells you to get in the habit of making your bed first thing in the morning. Not only for discipline and routine, but also because when you walk back into your room later in the day, it needs to be welcoming. A clean, organized bed uplifts even the worst of moods.

Artwork has that same effect on you. When you hunt for a new apartment or house, the open-house showing will be spectacular. The place will look so good because of the furnishing, artwork, and appliances. That's what compels you into seeing it as your home. Then on moving day, you come back and it's completely empty, like a blank canvas. 

That empty feeling will never bring you the comfort, compulsion and joy that the furnished version did, which is why the first thing everyone does is start putting things up on walls, furnish rooms, etc.

In an age where creativity is endorsed, and quality inspiration is limited due to the everyday noise of life, having good artwork can bring a sensation that is crucial for a mind of any age. Art is not only for the artist, but it's for everyone. The inspiration you get from art can take shape and form by any means in your life.

Art is anything that can illicit an emotion or feeling inside you, it helps you connect ideas, memories and thoughts to a tangible object in front of you. Which is why art takes so many forms such as paintings, knick knacks, music, decor, and souvenirs. 

So take some time to think about your everyday space, and how you can improve it so that it can start improving you, and inspiring you.

Art is the investment that keeps paying back.


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