How to Choose the Right Artwork

How to Choose the Right Artwork

Finding the right artwork for your space is no joke, there are a lot of things to consider when making the decision. Here's a guide to making sure you buy the best art piece that suits you and the room.



Each person has a different style, each room has a different need, each wall is a different size, there are just so many factors to consider when buying art. With so many designs, materials and artists the collection to choose from is difficult is well.

We compiled a list of steps and things to consider when planning your purchase, to make sure you get the best option possible.

But remember, there are no rules! This is merely a guideline to making a purchasing decision, at the end of the day, you should always buy what you like most! 

Let's start.


1. What is your style?

There are a lot of different styles of artwork and decor out there. Similarly, many people have their own different tastes and styles as well.

Take a moment to examine the room and the space you are looking to decorate, is the furniture more modern or victorian? Do you like keeping things looking minimalistic, or are you someone who loves putting lots of decor. 

The artwork you buy should compliment the existing style. Buying a vintage style art piece might not make sense in a contemporary room. 

To help with this, check out the product descriptions for each product in our store. We took the time to include what types of styles each artwork can pair up with or is compatible with. Some art pieces are very versatile, while some are very specific.


2. How much wall space do you have?

Have a look at the walls in your space. Is it big and empty? Is there furniture in front of it? Do you plan on buying furniture or other decor for it?

These are all valid questions that you might want to ask yourself when making the decision. The answer to these questions will help you decide what size to select when buying artwork. 

Large sizes are meant to be shown off and dominate the wall it's on. It needs to be the eye catcher of the room, so if you have a wall where this is possible, get a large size.

If you have a smaller wall, or you just want accent art pieces, then buying a smaller size might be suitable. This will also allow you to purchase multiple artworks of a smaller size and show off a collection.


3. Quality

There are two subcategories that fall under art quality, design and material. 

Design quality is nothing you should look over. An art piece is something that triggers emotion, feeling or thought. For that to happen, the design needs to be in the best possible quality. Artistic vision needs to make sense, and there shouldn't be any distracting flaws that draw the attention away from the bigger picture. 

Material is just as important as design. This will determine the life of your artwork. Posters are great, but they do not last long, most posters are printed on a very low-stock paper which easily tears, creases, and gets worn over time. Canvas is the traditional form of artwork, because of its insanely long lifespan. The greatest and most magnificent art pieces in history are here even today because they were created on canvas.

At SUBLYMINL, we have a keen eye for artistic vision and detail. We work with professional artists that are masters at their craft.

We sell ALL artworks on canvas only because we believe in the longevity of artwork. 



Using this general guideline, it will make sure that your buying process is much easier. As mentioned before however, there are no hard-written rules. The overall idea to have in mind is, whether or not the artwork speaks to you. 

If you catch yourself stunned by an art piece, or you keep on looking at the same style of work, then the best course of action is to follow that feeling, and buy what you resonate with.


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